Frequently asked questions
Yes - many members of our graduate community would have classed themselves as professional actors before they started any training with us. Both these terms, 'experienced' and 'professional' are highly relative anyway, perhaps more so in this industry than any other. There seem to be as many routes into the 'experienced, professional' world of acting as there are actors. Even drama school attendance is no longer the mandatory feature it once was. In fact, many actors with previous drama school training often go on to complete one of our full training courses. We focus purely on the craft of acting and less on the related or ancillary skills. We do aim, however, to give students polish, focus and a practical kit of tools to completely support them through any acting challenge. The majority of our weekly scene, cold reading, Improv, just Jam classes and of course our CP (casting preparation slots) are aimed solely at both graduates of the Actors Temple and, if you still prefer to keep the two 'separate' - professional actors!
Yes - Our full training 2 year courses offer complete beginners a full and progressive training in the craft of acting.
No - Our experience has shown that the audition process is limited in its capacity to show the true potential of someone’s acting ability. After all, what can be gauged from an audition speech, vocal quality perhaps? We have a very clear and specific view of our aim and ability. We take the willing but untrained and train them to be as good as they can be. Being good or 'talented' to start with is irrelevant. Our introduction and selection weeks allow us to meet potential students (and for them to meet us). Thus the decision about whether or not an individual would benefit from our training is often mutual. But it should be stressed that the Introduction Week is a course in itself, not an audition as such.
Someone who is currently attending one of our full training courses, an active participant in our monthly schedule of professional classes, or a graduate member who has fully completed one of our full training courses and is listed on our Alumni page.
There are many film makers and theatre companies emerging from our graduate community. On top of this there are many independent directors who wish to work with actors from the Actors' Temple. For actors to be considered for casting opportunities, they simply have to be a regular face at the studio. You need to be known, to make relationships with other members of the community. This is achieved by using our training resources as fully as you can. Graduates of the full training are always at the top of the internal casting list because they are known and their work is trusted. It's also remarkable how often one sees the phrase 'Meisner-trianed actors' in casting breakdowns.
Currently, we can only offer training to adults. However, we are looking into offering classes for younger people so if you are not yet 18 but wish to keep updated as to when this happens, then make sure you are signed up to our mailing list. There is no upper age limit. Someone once said that as long as you can still learn lines, you can act! And as for the ability to improvise - without a script - that is ageless.
Many directors have come through our training programme as actors and many actors are now directing. We believe that an in-depth personal experience in acting is an immeasurable bonus and advantage for any director. We welcome them on to any of our courses. We are also very happy for directors and writers to observe our professional (Jam) classes by way of meeting actors and seeing how we work with each other.